6 New books added to BigBookofR: Javascript, Business Case Analysis, Indicator Dev and a bunch for Motorsports!

25 September 2021

Yes fellow R friends, the book list keeps growing nicely. Thank you very much to the contributors (both in submissions and for authoring these books!) : Colin Fay , Robert D. Brown III , William Becker and Tony Hirst

JavaScript 4 Shiny – Field Notes

by Colin Fay

JavaScript in practice for Shiny users.

Freely avaiable online.


Business Case Analysis with R – Simulation Tutorials to Support Complex Business Decisions

by Robert D. Brown III

Business case analysis, often conducted in spreadsheets, exposes decision makers to additional risks that arise just from the use of the spreadsheet environment. This book discusses how to use the statistical programming language R to develop a business case simulation and analysis. It presents a methodology that minimizes decision delay by focusing stakeholders on what matters most and suggests pathways for minimizing the risk in strategic and capital allocation decisions.

Paid versions


Composite Indicator Development and Analysis in R with COINr

William Becker

Composite indicators are aggregations of indicators which aim to measure (usually socio-economic) complex and multidimensional concepts which are difficult to define, and cannot be measured directly. Examples include innovation, human development, environmental performance, and so on. This book gives a detailed guide on building composite indicators in R, focusing on the recent COINr package, which is an end-to-end development environment for composite indicators. Although COINr is the main tool used in the book, it also gives general explanation and guidance on composite indicator construction and analysis in R, ranging from normalisation, aggregation, multivariate analysis and global sensitivity analysis.



Wrangling F1 Data With R: A Data Junkie’s Guide

Tony Hirst

This book describes a range of data analysis and visualisation techniques that can be applied to motorsport timing and results data in general, and Formula One data in particular.



Visualising WRC Rally Stages With rayshader and R: A RallyDataJunkie Adventure

Tony Hirst

Taking a simple rally route dataset, what can we do with it? This book describes a wide range of techniques for working with geodata, including routes and elevantion rasters. From 2D and 3D mapping, to a wide range of route analysis techniques, the techniques described are also relevant to a wide range of othr route analysis contexts, including ecological trail analysis.

Free online book


Visualising WRC Rally Timing and Results Data: A RallyDataJunkie Adventure

Tony Hirst

A handy guide to visualising a wide range of motorsport timing and results data, concentrating on rally data associated with the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).


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