Big Book of R has over 200 books!

Way back in August 2020, I launched Big Book of R, a collection of free (and some paid) R programming books organised by categories like Geospatial, Statistics, Packages and many more.

What started off as a 100 book collection has now grown to over 200 :D!

Anyway, I felt was time to update the header image:

Colourful header image with multiple icons on books, libraries and owls. Bold lettering says " Big Book of R 200+ Free R programming books.

I want to thank the many contributors, but especially all the authors who’ve put the work in to make this amazing content.

If you’re keen to contribute your own books or ones that you find, see the contribution guidelines. You can also just post an issue on github (although those take me a little longer to get to) or see one of the other issues that need addressing.

Here’s to the next milestone, 300 books 🥂.

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