A new way to discover R Programming books!

With over 250 books (and counting) in the Big Book of R collection, you could easily overlook a lot of useful ones.

Sometimes you see a book and think “Hey that’ll be pretty useful if I ever work on [subject]” but when that time comes you’ve completely forgotten about it. It could also happen that when browsing the collection you just don’t spot it.

In an effort to aid discoverability of books in the collection, I’ve created a twitter bot that runs every few hours hours, randomly selects an entry from Big Book of R and posts it. Even just in the testing phase I was like “Oh yeah, that book!” so at least it’s already working for me :).

Go ahead and follow the Big Book of R Twitter account.

If you’re not yet on Twitter and would like to get started, check out the book I co-authored called Twitter for R Programmers. It’ll help you get acquainted with the platform and engaging with the community in no-time :).

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