Job Reviews

I’ve developed a little side-hobby of looking at job descriptions for data-related job ads. It’s a useful way to keep abreast of what’s going on out there.

Here’s some recordings were I analyse these and give my comments on what looks good, red flags, what to ask more about in interviews and other things to consider. I also like to indulge in a bit of wild speculation from time to time about the motivations behind decisions, forgive me :).

NOTE: These are all meant to be be constructive critiques. Please take it as such!

Mix of Data Engineering and Data Analysis
Quite an exciting role with possibility to do a lot of NLP
Very interesting role as a product owner and data analyst/scientist
This looks like too long a list for one person to cover adequately.
Lots of professional development opportunities, exposure to many different fields of data analysis
Data analyst role with a lot of regulatory reporting. Pretty good opportunity for someone early in their career.
Some odd requirements in this role, hard to tell how much support there will be. Could be a first data hire role.
This is my first time looking at a Visualization job ad, and it’s R based which is always great.
A job description for a Data Science role working with big data.
Review of a Data Scientist job ad at a large firm
I analyse a position of Data Manager that I think has WAY too much going on.

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