WIP: Table of Contents

Here’s the work in progress for the Content of the guide I’m working on for first data hires.

  1. Your mindset
  2. Data framework (~15 elements) (could be a little book on its own?)
  3. Making Roadmaps and scenarios
  4. Fallback systems (good for them, good for you)
  5. What to expect (blank slates, lots of excel, no databases etc)
  6. Your non technical manager & you
  7. Never say no
  8. Answers to tough questions
  9. Managing your time – block out time in your diary, plan ahead
  10. Managing expectations – keep record of weekly work, colour coded
  11. Managing requests – Kanban board
  12. Asking questions (business q, data q etc)
  13. Talking to execs, writing reports and emails, describing progress
  14. Securing budget
  15. Hiring others – resumes, salary, widening the talent pool
  16. Developing your skills
  17. Project management mindset, build vs buy
  18. Outsourcing work – brief, budget, long term, short term
  19. Creating a data culture

Image credit: Photo by Hugo Rocha on Unsplash

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